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Recycled Paper

Printing on Recycled Papers

Greenhouse is the region's leading centre for sustainable print. In 2009, we initiated our 'choice-editing' policy for paper and only supply recycled or sustainably sourced papers.

With our established history of printing on recycled papers we offer quality and price guarantees that make recycled papers the paper of choice.

Despite many myths about recycled papers, they offer numerous benefits over virgin pulp papers:

  • Our recycled papers can be used for a wide range of printed products without quality compromises
  • Our recycled papers are not priced higher than equivalent virgin paper stocks
  • Our recycled papers and recycling takes pressure off landfill
  • Our recycled papers support companies with a strong CSR profile or with ISO14001 Accreditation
  • Our recycled papers are becoming ever more popular and are considered the preferred choice of many organisations

Although we print on a range of recycled papers we do not sell recycled paper unprinted. There are now many places that do specialise in this.

The Benefits of Recycled Papers

Recycled papers now offer greater quality and cost effectiveness. They offer an effective way for a business or organisation to support its corporate social responsibilities and CSR policies.